Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ricky Martin Defends Michelle Obama From Racist Republican Tweets

Just last week, Puerto Rico was all turned upside down about Obama's birthday...

Although, Republicans in Puerto Rico were apparently very confused and thought it was Michelle's birthday. Some of them still don't understand that the President's birthday is August 4th and his wife's birthday is January 17th.  It's such an easy thing to find out on the internet.

But that's not how Puerto Rican Republicans like to use the internet... They like to upload pictures of their buttholes and send hateful, racist rants directly to the White House.

When Michelle Obama's staff uploaded a beautiful photo of her presenting a birthday cake to her husband, a few people used Twitter to "cyberbully" the First Lady by "tweeting" nasty messages underneath... No big deal, right?  Republicans do that all the time... It's to be expected from them.

Well... It was very different for a woman named Heidi Anne Wys Toro because she is Secretary and Chief Political Strategist to Puerto Rico's Speaker of the House, Jennifer Gonzales.

In typical Republican fashion, Heidi Wys sent her tweet without even understanding that it was the President's birthday she was protesting - not Michelle's.  But it's even worse because the tweet was horribly racist.  She tweeted about the First Lady feasting on bananas and being taken to Obama's "homeland of Kenya"...  This is slightly worse coming from an official in the territory of Puerto Rico because they try so much to be afforded everything that comes with the right of voting in our elections.

Puerto Ricans were OUTRAGED.

But do you think that Jenniffer Gonzales (R) did the right thing and fired this "strategist"?  Of course not!  She even defended the racist tweet as "Freedom of Speech" and aims to put the whole thing to rest... The problem is that this isn't even the first time that these kind of messages have come from her office... Evidently she's becoming known for this kind of thing.

Enter Ricky Martin with his tweet:

"@Heidiwys - [Your] racist and xenophobic comments are unnacceptable."

Jenniffer Gonzales made sure to denounce the offending tweet but followed that up with the "free speech" defense and re-tweeted Ricky Martin's response in order to show her more reasonable side... Then she issued a lengthy statement on the matter that mostly just encouraged her fellow Republicans to remember that people can save things from the internet... so don't get caught being so typical because it will look bad for her come election time.

There's some irony in an "out of the closet" Ricky Martin stepping to the rescue here though... Particularly because of what I'm about to tell you next...

Gonzales is not the first Puerto Rican Republican to have "social networking" issues... Roberto Arango (R-PR) was quickly escorted out of prominence when he made Anthony Weiner's tweets seem like Sesame Street....  The anti-gay Republican, Arango, infamously came out of the closet with a series of photographs of his anus on full display using the gay iphone app called Grindr...


  1. Mrs Obama appears to have read the Tweet and has the expression that says "This bitch is puttin' me on..."

  2. UPDATE: Jennifer Gonzales has lost her election and now Puerto Rico and the USA are both under Democratic Control for the first time in 50 years. The House of Representatives in PR is Democratic save for Maria de Lourdes Santiago, an independent representative who holds Civil Equality as a platform principle.

  3. FURTHER UPDATE: LGBT Activist, Pedro Julio Serrano said:
    “After 15 years, we finally have an elected official (Representative Pedro Peters Maldonado) who is openly a member of the LGBT community. This shows what I have always said, Puerto Rico is ready to choose regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This is a triumph that indicates where the hearts and minds of our people are.”


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