Monday, October 26, 2015

Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Flat-Out Lying About Hillary's LGBT Record

In an effort to steal some of Hillary Clinton's highly coveted LGBT support, you may see some Bernie Sanders supporters posting this video to facebook and claiming that Hillary voted against Gay Marriage in 2004:

The problem is, that video has been selectively edited to only show the parts where Hillary affirms her out-dated and "not yet evolved" stance on the subject of marriage...
What the Bernie supporters will not tell you is that the legislation being voted on that day was
an anti-gay amendment to the Constitution which would outright ban gay marriages and civil unions altogether... And Hillary Voted AGAINST that anti-gay Amendment... which you can clearly see here:

As if it weren't bad enough that they lie about which way her vote went down, they also lie by omission when they post that selectively edited video clip...  Hillary's full speech which you can view on CSPAN, is much, much longer...  She goes on to argue:

"I think that if we were really concerned about marriage and that we believed it had a role in the Federal Constitution, we have been missing in action. We should have been in this Chamber trying to amend our Constitution to take away at the very first blush the idea of no-fault divorce, try to get in there and tell the States what they should and should not do with respect to marriage and divorce, maybe try to write an amendment to the Constitution about custody matters. Maybe we should have it be a presumption in our Federal marriage law that joint custody is the rule. Maybe we ought to just substitute ourselves for States, for judges, for individuals who are making these decisions every single day throughout our Nation. 
We did not do that, did we? Can any of us stand here and feel good about all of the social consequences, the economic consequences? We know divorce leads to a lowered standard of living for women and children. Then, of course, if we were to deal with some of the consequences of out-of-wedlock births, the lack of marriage, we could have addressed that in a constitutional amendment. Perhaps we should have amended the Constitution to mandate marriage. 
Is it really marriage we are protecting? I believe marriage should be protected. I believe marriage is essential, but I do not, for the life of me, understand how amending the Constitution of the United States with respect to same-gender marriages really gets at the root of the problem of marriage in America. It is like my late father used to say: It is like closing the barn door after the horse has left."
If you're a really mad gay person who wants to teach Bernie supporters a lesson about lying to get your vote, you can do so by making a donation to Hillary's 2016 Campaign RIGHT HERE.  ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

16 Ways That Hillary Is Just Like You

Recent polls have shown that America loves "Reality Hillary". So in my best effort to reprogram you humanize her, I'm going to show you how very similar to humans YOU, she actually is... Just go with me on this:

1. Doesn't understand why she gets no bars... (Hint:  You're in an elevator, Hil...)

2. Sometimes has a bad hair day.

3. Doesn't always say what people want to hear.

4. Totally convinced that kids like her scary funny faces...

5. What a coincidence! She's ALSO tired of these career politicians... (wink, wink)

6. They make her wear bowling shoes when she goes bowling. See what she has to put up with!?!?

7. Cheers to her haters... whatever their stupid reasons are.

8. She likes to let her hair down.
People still do that right? Have fun? No?
Ok... Well, she does.

9. Knows when to put her hair back up again.

10. Probably shouldn't dress like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers... ever. (again.)

11. She loves her crew... but sometimes a girl gotz ta bounce, ya kno-whaam-sayin?

12. She thought she was pretty much stylin' all through the 70's... Obviously way ahead of her time. Clothes that hypnotize you will be a thing... trust.

13. Her husband still makes her laugh.

14. She can just let the old shit go and be cool when she has to.

15. Just like you, she really doesn't mind being surrounded by handsome gentlemen.

16. She's...

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Tale of Two Dorothys

Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have a unique thing in common with each other - both of them were born to mothers named Dorothy... Ironically, they also both credit their upbringing with helping to shape their ideas about society and the economy.

Hillary Clinton released a campaign advertisement about her mother, Dorothy, in which she described her influence this way:

"It opened my mother's eyes... For the first time, she saw parents who loved and cared for their children. That became the kind of loving family that she provided for us. You see, when she needed a champion, someone was there.  I think about all the 'Dorothys' who fight for their families and never give up."

Bernie Sanders, in an interview with the New York Times, used far fewer words to summarize his maternal influence:

"Sensitivity to class was imbedded in me then quite deeply."

Both candidates describe their mothers as having dealt with poverty and it is surmised that both women were somewhat outcast from society early in life.  But Sanders mother, a Polish/Jewish immigrant, never got to realize her marker of success... The ability to live in a "private home".
Finances were probably a challenge for Eli Sanders, a struggling paint salesman whose own parents were killed in the Holocaust before he escaped to the United States.  Sanders' mother died at the young age of 46 when he just 19.

It is for these painful reasons that journalists and supporters should give Sanders some additional privacy concerning his family and avoid too many comparisons. 

Dorothy Howell Rodham did not live quite long enough to see her daughter become the first female President of the United States, but she was present all through Hillary's tenure as First Lady,  Senator and was even present at Hillary's swearing-in as the 3rd female Secretary of State.  That's definitely something.  It's enough for Hillary's mom to have known that she did what her own parents may not have been capable of - a confirmation.

Dorothy Glassberg Sanders would undoubtedly be just as proud of her son's accomplishments as a Congressman, Senator and Mayor of an American city.  Unfortunately however, it was not possible for her to witness the full scope of her son's greatness in this physical realm. We can only hope the universe is kind enough to communicate that to her.

I wish both candidates good luck as mothers across America will be anxiously looking to them for answers to problems such as income inequality and gun violence...  The former issue being a very good reason to listen to Sanders, the latter is quickly becoming Clinton's strong suit.