Thursday, September 10, 2015

16 Ways That Hillary Is Just Like You

Recent polls have shown that America loves "Reality Hillary". So in my best effort to reprogram you humanize her, I'm going to show you how very similar to humans YOU, she actually is... Just go with me on this:

1. Doesn't understand why she gets no bars... (Hint:  You're in an elevator, Hil...)

2. Sometimes has a bad hair day.

3. Doesn't always say what people want to hear.

4. Totally convinced that kids like her scary funny faces...

5. What a coincidence! She's ALSO tired of these career politicians... (wink, wink)

6. They make her wear bowling shoes when she goes bowling. See what she has to put up with!?!?

7. Cheers to her haters... whatever their stupid reasons are.

8. She likes to let her hair down.
People still do that right? Have fun? No?
Ok... Well, she does.

9. Knows when to put her hair back up again.

10. Probably shouldn't dress like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers... ever. (again.)

11. She loves her crew... but sometimes a girl gotz ta bounce, ya kno-whaam-sayin?

12. She thought she was pretty much stylin' all through the 70's... Obviously way ahead of her time. Clothes that hypnotize you will be a thing... trust.

13. Her husband still makes her laugh.

14. She can just let the old shit go and be cool when she has to.

15. Just like you, she really doesn't mind being surrounded by handsome gentlemen.

16. She's...

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