Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Randy Travis Vs. George Zimmerman: What a broken nose looks like.

Two mugshots were released today... One highly anticipated, the other a sort of surprise...

The first mugshot was not a real mugshot at the time it was taken... It was a police evidentiary photograph of George Zimmerman, taken approximately one hour after he shot and killed an unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Florida.

Zimmerman later cooked up a story about the teen had supposedly attacked him and broke his nose, thereby giving him a self-defense claim for the shooting.

As you can see clearly here, Zimmerman's nose is NOT broken (at least not within that week)... A broken nose almost always causes a black eye.  Zimmerman's nose bends to his left... indicating that he had suffered a broken nose a long time ago, maybe even years ago... but not recently.

The second mugshot is a genuine mugshot - a jail booking photo.  Country music star Randy Travis, was arrested on DWI charges after he reportedly was driving around drunk... and COMPLETELY NAKED.

Randy Travis has had a troubled life - in the mid 90's he was photographed in gay nightclubs and LGBT rights activists urged him to come out of the closet... If Travis was indeed gay, he went further in the opposite direction, getting married and joining a radical fundamentalist and anti-gay church.  From there, his career took a nose-dive and now he is an actor in anti-Muslim propaganda films. Yes, Randy Travis is now known for being a Michele Bachmann/Pastor Hagee styled Islamophobe.

As you can clearly see in Randy Travis' mugshot, his nose also bends to his left... and the break likely happened during the process of his arrest... because he has the black eye to prove it.


  1. Zimmerman doesn't even have "the mugshot glare" or looks to concerned about facing the charge of murder. Poor Randy ~ "To thine ownself be true"

  2. People make mistakes! I hope Randy will get the help he needs to stop this cycle! Everyone loves to see people come out of dark depths. Randy is in need of moving forward now and becoming better than ever. He certainly has the musical ability and looks to start a new chapter - hope he will do so. Randy is blessed to have another opportunity. Not everyone gets to have a second or third chance. The drinking and possibility of prescription drug usage has got to STOP! Thank God no one was hurt while Randy was driving. It's best for Randy to say he is sorry for his behavior and move forward to a better place in all areas - including the difficulties with his family. I pray for Randy and others to have strength in moving out of sad situations into futures filled with love/hope and greatness. Learn from your mistakes and move on!

  3. Jarrett Terrill would score an A+ plus if this story was enteredin in a "discrediting your own story" contest. The last sentence alone was pure speculation: obviously Jarrett is not that familiar with the Country Musician. Jarrett's story is not pure truth, but saturated with personal opinions. I agree with the above comments


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