Friday, February 25, 2011

This Week In Crazy: Christo-Republicans Are Not So Anonymous

This week I am up to my ears in facebook links that leave me flabbergasted (love that word!) at how stupid, crazy and mean-spirited some Christians and Republicans can be...

Let's give you a quick run-down:

CRAZY: Shirley Phelps-Roper, who will likely be the new Pastor of Westboro Baptist Church (the "God Hates Fags/Soldiers" people) when her father finally kicks the bucket, has got herself into an online spat with the amorphous collection of hackers known as "Anonymous". The details are really quite boring, but the video posted at Joe.My.God can be amusing if you're not already familiar with the downward spiral that both groups are apparently riding together. The whole incident quickly devolved into a situation where it became obvious that both parties are helping each other to achieve fame/notoriety.

From my understanding, "Anonymous" first made themselves known as protesters of clandestine religious groups by wearing Guy Fawkes masks ala "V for Vendetta" and ranting about supposed murders committed by Scientologists without much evidence at hand... If I'm wrong about that, please don't hack me - just give me your side of the story in the comments section... Thanks.
(Also, it would be REALLY cute if you use the "anonymous" function in the comment box, hint, hint.)

Moving right along...

STUPID and CRAZY: Oh my goodness... Where to start with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin? Of course, you've probably heard about the prank call in which he revealed that he had given some thought to sending covert provocateurs into the MASSIVE pro-union protests in order to incite riots...
Then you probably also heard in the same recorded conversation that he was going to trick the Democrats into showing up for a quorum so he could strip away worker's rights with a simple majority.
But then... the STUPID jerk went in front of a TV camera to verify that the union-busting thugs idea was REALLY his idea first. Boy, you can't sneak anything past this bright guy! Don't even think about taking credit for his evil master plans. He will send his Storm (ooops, I meant "state") Troopers after you!

Suck it up, Democrats... There's no crying in baseball or fascism... it's just the American Way!

The upshot here, is that a little tavern called "The Merchant" is serving up slices of STFU with every "Governor's Special". When Gov. Walker came into their private establishment, his very presence was causing a disturbance amongst their hard-working clientelle... So they did what any small business owners in Rand Paul's Civil-Rights Repealed America would do... They kicked his ass out.

STUPID and CRAZY and MEAN-SPIRITED: A legislator in Georgia has brought forward an anti-miscarriage bill similar to the fiasco in Utah... This stupid, crazy and mean-spirited bill would have women defending themselves in court after a miscarriage in an effort to prove that the miscarriage was not actually a makeshift abortion. The stupid part of it, of course, is that by giving civil rights to fetuses, you create little versions of the children of Salem... They can't speak for themselves, so you're free to place whatever wants and desires may lurk in the back of your own mind up as their "defense" in court... So, say you secretly want to throw your wife in jail so you can bang that hot chick down the street... Pray for a miscarriage and the world is yours, my friend.
The crazy part of it is the fact that some ass-wipe named Bobby Franklin actually brought the legislation forward...
The Mean-Spirited part of it... C'mon, do you really need me to tell you? These women have just lost the opportunity to love their newborn child and now you want to drag them into court and persecute them... Nice, real nice.

Special shout-out to and Clarence Thomas who first started the "This Week In Crazy" meme... Thanks for that!

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