Monday, February 21, 2011

South Florida Plagued By Child Abuse

Carmen Barahona uses a sheet of paper to shield herself as she enters the court room. Her husband, Jorge Barahona, and one foster child were found covered in chemicals inside a truck alongside I-95 in Palm Beach County. (Photo: C.W. Griffin, Miami Herald)

First Read This:
Excerpt: "As a confidential informant for the FBI, I penetrated these men’s operation and secured over 30 digital videos of child abuse that was so horrific that I haven’t really slept at night ever since viewing it. From start to finish, I handed the FBI a perfect case with proof beyond all doubt of these men’s guilt."

Then Read This:
Excerpt: "Behind closed doors, authorities say the twins were systematically abused: tied with duct tape, locked for hours at a time in the bathroom, made to stand in garbage cans, starved, roughed up, and neglected."

Then Support Debbie Wasserman Schultz in this:

And then Join This Group:
Excerpt: "According to authorities, in April 2009, Cox found a 17-year-old Broward County girl to work for him as a prostitute. Cox would pick up the minor near her home and would take her to a hotel, authorities said. Myers helped Cox by posting advertisements on the Internet, according to prosecutors."

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