Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farming Racism: Gov. Scott Walker Vs. David Duke (VIDEO)

A friend recently made me aware that there was video out there of Wisconsin's Notorious Union-Busting Governor arguing with David Duke about his right to be on the Republican ballot in WI...

At first, I thought, "oh no... Walker is going to come out smelling like roses here because people will mistakenly infer that he's not racist himself just because he's 'against' David Duke being on the ballot..."

But then I watched the video...

What unfolds is the perfectly clear state of the Republican mindset in the 90's... "We need the racist white people vote but we have to destroy anyone with the guts to admit that it's what we're gunning for..."

Ironically, it's David Duke's dead-pan honesty about his racism that makes him the perfect nemesis for Walker's limp explanations and near-misses... The result is a TOTAL MESS for the GOP/TEA establishment when live callers are invited to weigh in on the situation:

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