Monday, October 24, 2011 Chat Hijacked by Angsty Teenager With Control Issues

This sounds like a headline from the Onion, I know... But for the last week, I've been updating my facebook friends on Occupant News from anywhere I can find it... The chat function has been a good resource up until an hour ago.

I talked to a moderator named "@usotsuki" this morning who was pretty cool. We both prefer Madonna's old early 80's tracks over Lady Gaga's newer rehash of the same vibe.

Before that another user in Houston (huestonepress) had been desperately trying to get an area newspaper to cover the large-scale occupation going on over there... Here's one of their YouTube videos, reflecting that the streets of Houston, Texas have been uncomfy and loud:

A few days ago, a user named "SteveJobsZombie" advertised his new easy-to-use "Outsource My Job" App to the barely bemused occupants and we learned that arrests are beginning to slow down.

A plethora of links to Occupy news articles, videos and artwork have been shared over the past week and a half and every 5 minutes a student interrupts the conversation to say "I am writing a report for school and I need to know what this is all about..."

A Ron Paul supporter posted a brilliant and hilarious video that more clearly explains the "End The Fed Bank" philosophy and a group of Democratic Occupants in Chicagoland are pushing the "Move 2 Amend" agenda which would add a consitutional amendment that defines corporations as "not people".

Together, we all decided that we didn't think it was a great idea for our "leaderless movement" to be given "leaders" by the business media... We deciphered which photos of police brutality were really from Occupy Wall Street and which ones were not... And I promoted an Occupation of Boca Raton on Thanksgiving.

The Beginning of the End...

But then, without warning, I was banned by a moderator (and so were my roommates and anyone else on our network) by an overzealous moderator named "@catsup". No more connection to the main chat offered anonymously to Wall Street Occupants... just like that.

I got to where I could chat up the moderator of the service (@catsup) who I'm told was something called an "NT Tech" and asked him why I was banned... His reply was that I was caught "electioneering for Obama" and that I was "an agent of Wall Street"... Which is HILARIOUS if you really know me...

He called me an "astroturfer" and told me that I have a "listening problem" because I had revealed that I wasn't too fascinated by Dr. Cornel West's "I hate Obama because that's so cool these days and I'm black" video.

In short, I was dealing with a 'King Baby' who was DEEPLY relishing this moment - probably his first taste of absolute authority - the power to ban someone and let them appeal to him in order to return. From the leaderless movement, there arose not just a leader but... for a moment... a fascist dictator and anything not sufficiently hateful toward Obama was mere "judenlettern".

Now that @Catsup is in charge over at the website, there are no Democrats allowed.

What was my grand offense, you might ask?

I simply told other people in the chatroom that Obama tried to tax the 1% for us on Thursday but his plan failed when a couple of "Blue Dog Democrats" joined Republicans in voting it down... Which is true.

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