Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brazilian Cops Set To Win Child Macing At 2016 Olympics

Of all the horrific things in this world, photos like this one still catch my attention:

The 2016 Olympic Games are set to be held in Rio De Janeiro and guess who joined the Organizing Committee?
That's right - none other than Luiz Fernando CorrĂȘa (former National Secretary for Public Security, former Federal Police CEO) has just become the "Rio 2016 Security Director" for the Olympics.

Please view these photos of police brutality in Brazil:

Then send an email to the Olympics telling them that you don't want your children to get maced in the face if you decide to go to their games:

You can also make a big stink on their facebook page:!/rio2016

Then write a letter to the US Ambassador to Brazil (Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.) under our Department of State and express your concerns about supporting trade with a nation that has no respect for humanity:

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