Monday, November 16, 2009

Sink Is Running... And The Drain Is Open

"Voice For Equality" Singing The Same Old Song...

UPDATE: Sink has finally made her position against the adoption ban solid. She can be seen in this video saying the same thing that the Herald quoted her as saying at the Equality Florida event. But it should be considered that this video was made after Sinks appearance in Broward, not before and that Sink really was misquoted by the newspaper... Therefore, I am not an asshole, she just didn't tell the crowd what she obviously told individuals. And the rest of the following post still stands true as well. However, it must be known that she DOES stand on the right side of the adoption ban and that she has now been willing to discuss it specifically.

I have condensed this post to its raw points, since it was getting way too long and boring to deal with:

  1. Alex Sink (D), is a candidate for Governor of Florida in 2010.
  2. She had not, until recently, been firm nor clear on any gay rights issues.
  3. She was recently given an award by Equality Florida called "The Voice of Equality" where she gave a campaign speech even though, supposedly, Equality Florida was only giving her an award as CFO and not technically as a candidate for Governor (read as: an endorsement without the red tape of having to ask her to commit to her stance on the issues).
  4. I went to the gala to get her opinion on the gay adoption ban and hopefully a statement of how she would work to remove it.
  5. She did not specifically support repealing the ban in her speech at Equality Florida's gala even though a Miami Herald reporter wrote a misleading article which claims she did.
  6. Her campaign staff ordered me not to record her on my digital video recorder and blocked my access to her. They did not want me to get her on record and made it known that I would not be able to ask the candidate any questions. (of course, I have all of this on video).
  7. I raised a big stink about that.
  8. Later, Alex Sink told a Florida TV news channel that she does support repealing the gay adoption ban in Florida.
  9. So far, Alex Sink has specifically and verbally supported just that one agenda item for gays and lesbians, and I give myself some amount of credit for that because I really put pressure on her campaign and Equality Florida to be more specific and to actually express support on repealing the ban and not just let Sink get by with saying that she "looks forward to working with Nan Rich".
  10. I am not really impressed with Alex Sink (D) and think of her as a noncommittal, political chameleon. Therefore, I will still be voting for Michael E. Arth (D) for Governor of Florida in the primary election.


  1. Alex clearly states that she believes Judges and those closest to the child should decide adoption issues based one ONE criteria - the best interst of the child - and that no law should stand in their way. She also said she looked forward to working with Se. Nan Rich to pass her bill, which would repeal Florida's infamous adoption ban.

    As Equality Florida's Communication's Director, I can tell you that Alex was asked to keep her comments to 5 minutes. This was a fundraiser afterall and folks wanted to hear her comments, but they also wanted to enjoy the brand new Norman Rockwell exhibit, eachother's company, great food, and the many other dignateries in the room.

    Balancing the party atmosphere of a Gala with a need to inform our supporters is always a balancing act.

    This time limit is why I believe Alex did not get into Federal issues - which she has no direct impact on - or a long litinay of any state-level issues.

    - Brian Winfield

  2. This Blog is only one man's opinion, and yet does the validity of one man's opinion carry a lot of weight? So, go to Sink's website . . . she's as flavorless, uncommitted and tepid as a glass of yesterday's tap water. (no mention of Human Rights)
    The Equality Gala was the perfect oportunity for Ms Sink to show she has fortitude and will push to eleviate the injustices burderned upon Floirda's Gay citizens, but the likelihood of that seems doubtful.

  3. David, you hit it on the mark. She missed a golden opportunity to really be a "voice for equality" and instead allowed her campaign to keep her from being specific with her words.

    Brian, I assume you have some sort of documentation that she specifically supports the repeal of the adoption ban? You say she said it, but I maintain that she did not. She did say that she looked forward to working with Nan Rich, but her statement ended there. This is the problem with candidates who refuse to allow video and audio recordings that they can't edit themselves.



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