Sunday, November 29, 2009

Satanic Nazi Spacemen Invade Uganda

In brief: In this post I give a brief a synopsis of how Republican Senator James Inhoffe and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson are linked to a cult of money and privilege and how that cult has designs to start up a 2nd holocaust, beginning in Uganda.

It's tough to dream up a tale more horrific and obtuse than what Republicans give us as a storyboard this week. My facebook friends have been posting updates at rapid speed about the recent revelations concerning "The Family" - a nefarious clan of world leaders who were outed by writer Jeff Sharlet in Harper's magazine back in 2003.

Sharlet has recently connected the dots between an anti-gay bill proposed in the Republic of Uganda and an American Senator from Oklahoma who sits on aerospace and military panels.

The anti-gay bill is no less than the beginning of a new holocaust. It would require Africans to turn in their neighbors to the police if they suspected any "homosexual activity" and those Africans who committed the gay acts would be killed.

The Senator connected to all of this? His name is James Inhoffe (R) and unlike his fellow cult brothers, he has not been in the news very much. He believes, as part of the "The Family", that Jesus is a capitalist, among other things, and that Christians in Uganda have a duty to rid their nation of the evils of homosexuality by murdering rumored homosexuals. Inhoffe has recieved many awards from various Tea Party organizations and Taxpayers unions as well as the NRA.

Some other outed members of this bizarre pseudo-Christian money-cult are Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), John Thune(R-SD), Joe Pitts (R-PA) and our own Bill Nelson (D-FL).
What's especially interesting about "The Family" is the way its top members are sought out by their connection to the oil and aerospace industries... much the same way as Church of Satan was rumored to solicit their membership a few years ago. Sharlet goes into great detail about how the clandestine group of elitists who go about bringing us the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast every 4 years is also a group of men who idolize Adolph Hitler, King David and Osama Bin Laden but think of Jesus as "a guy who would be really great at sports". They also operate their own little version of Hitler Youth called Youth Corps.
When I look at Bill Nelson (one of the few Democrats in "The Family") in his NASA suit, smiling like the cat that ate the canary, I am immediately reminded of the confirmed Satanist, Jack Parsons, who pretty much invented the jet fuel for space travel along with the famed Nazi rocket scientist named Werner Von Braun...

But supposedly, Satanic Nazi Holocausts aren't very American... or are they?

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  1. This terrifies me. Thanks for sharing. I certainly need to be more aware of what is going on.


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