Friday, February 12, 2016

What Happened Between John Lewis and Bernie Sanders & Why It's Important

Back in October of 2015, reports blazed across major media that Civil Rights icon, Congressman John Lewis had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

This shouldn't have come as a shock to anyone because Clinton has always had close ties to the black community, particularly in Congress.

But supporters of Bernie Sanders felt jilted because they had seen a photo of Lewis with Sanders and had been led to believe that his support would go the other way.  Angrily, they attacked Lewis' social media accounts with threats, name-calling and even racism.

So then, when it came time for Lewis to give another endorsement of Clinton, this time from the Congressional Black Caucus that Lewis is a part of, he was questioned by a reporter who asked him why he didn't personally endorse Bernie Sanders and the reporter further asked Lewis to comment of Bernie Sanders' civil rights record.

Having been cyber-harassed for two months straight by Bernie Sanders' rabid support-base, John Lewis responded as diplomatically as possible:

"To be very frank, I don't want to cut you off, but I never saw him.  I never met him. I was chair of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee for 3 years from 1963 to`1966. I was involved in the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, the March on Washington, and the March from Selma to Montgomery. I directed the Voter Education Project for six years.  But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton."

Now. obviously, this was a response to aggressive questioning on the part of the reporter and obviously Congressman Lewis was referring to the years known as "The Civil Rights Era"... But of course, Bernie's supporters were now enraged all over again and produced this photo of Bernie Sanders and Jane O'Meara posing with Lewis in March of 2015 to insinuate that "Lewis had LIED - here he is meeting Bernie Sanders after all!"

The attacks on Lewis' Facebook page and Twitter are still raging on... and Sanders has not made any visible attempt to control his angry mob.


  1. If you look at Sanders and then look at the man behind him who is very close, you can see they are no in proportion, this is an obvious Photo Shop. And even if it were not this was 2015 and he had nothing to do with the marches that Sanders claims he was in back 60 yrs ago. Also as for this pic, maybe they were so unremarkable that the man does not remember.. This is a hero of the 60s. Sanders??? well he applied for Conscience Objector, to get out of war, not much of a hero there

    1. I also think it is photo shopped. It was not during the last March over the Pettus bridge when Obama was there for sure.msonif not then, when

  2. Bernie is practically a Hobbit. There's no way he towers over John Lewis like that IRL. Total shooop.

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  6. Yes notice John Lewis wearing a lei? The people behind him are wearing pink ones! Why then doesn't B.S. and his wife have any on? Photoshopped!

  7. Not everybody is wearing Leis and it is a Fact that Bernie was there for the 50th anniversary March last year. That picture is NOT photo shopped. You people need to get your eyes checked. That guy behind Bernie is Far behind him, that is why his head is smaller DUH!

  8. There is NO personal interaction;looks like Bernie and his wife ran over to and crowded around John Lewis to be in a shot with him @the anniversary. ..that's not a photo among "friends "--'just PR....and REALLY is this and another obscure distant shot, plus a few clippings the ONLY "proof"of involvement? ..BS was quite obviously NOT very present & to allow attacks on John Lewis (from his followers) affirms this

  9. I think I see Bernie in this one.

  10. It's not photoshopped. All the usual details such as shadow direction etc that would let you know it's fake are not there.


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