Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Would Happen if Ann Coulter Really Was Transgender?

Every time I post one of Ann Coulter's outlandish statements on facebook, it's like clockwork... reliable.  Without exception, someone will use her gender inspecificity to retaliate against her brash hatred for most Americans...
The comments will pour in:
"Don't you mean MAN Coulter?"
"She looks like a man in a dress!"
"She's really a sexist gay man pretending to be a woman."
"Did she say that out of her adam's apple?"
It's such a popular meme that one must wonder if there's any "there" there...  Or at least I'm the kind of guy who wonders such things. 
Believe it or not - it's not implausible for a transgender woman to be a hateful Republican.  Florida is home to two or three such persons.  One such transgender woman, Donna Milo, even mounted a failed congressional campaign against Florida's most gay-friendly Democrat, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. 
So, it makes me wonder - if Ann Coulter's laryngeal prominence really did turn out to be more of an "adam's apple" than an "eve's plum" (see what I did right there?) - would it ruin her, politically speaking?  Honestly - I doubt it. 
It's important to note here that what Ann Coulter is most infamous for is her outrageous attacks against women, gays, Jews and racial minorities.  She's the mainstream media's "go-to girl" for such things.  She's a ratings whore.  Her most recent inflammatory sermon included the idea that women need high-capacity magazines on their assault rifles because they have incredibly bad aim compared to men.

I think Ann Coulter would be just as popular and perhaps even get MORE media appearances as a newly outed Transgender Republican Woman.  Conservative Republicans can sometimes be most hateful toward people they have something in common with - it's an effect that comes from internalized prejudices and phobias.
Examples of conservative Republicans who are in what I call "Uncle Tom's Log Cabin" include but are not limited to:
  1. Herman Cain - a black man who promotes an economic policy that is bad for most African Americans. 
  2. Michelle Malkin - a Fox News correspondent and blogger who is known for conducting wild character assassinations against other minorities via her website Twitchy.com.
  3. Michael Alan Weiner - Who adopted the name "Michael Savage" to assail minorities on his radio show, apparently because he's ashamed of being Jewish (or because he's ashamed of what he's saying - you decide).
  4. Michele Bachmann - who routinely votes against anything that women want or need in congress - whether that takes the form of equal pay, access to abortion or the ability to seek damages in court.
  5. Marcus Bachmann - I know, I know... "You can't tell who's gay just by looking at them"... but listen to him speak too!  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's obviously closeted husband just loves to torture gay teens with "conversion therapy".
  6. Rush Limbaugh - An addict whose drug of choice is hatred.  But when he's not busy insulting the intelligence of other addicts - he loves to partake in overeating and painkillers that he doesn't have a prescription for.
  7. Jimmy LaSalvia - A gay man who decided that the Log Cabin Republicans weren't self-hating enough for him and decided to form the uber-outrageous "GOProud" organization... which basically consists of him and one other guy constantly admiring Ann Coulter for no apparent reason.
As you can see, the Republican Party is rife with hypocrites on the attack against the enemy within. So it follows that a transgender woman who hates both women and gays will someday be very popular in the Republican Party.  Issues that such a character would be useful for include limiting insurance coverage for gender reassignment surgeries, outlawing LGBT marriages, voting against access to abortion and generally starting/fanning the fires of fear in the gay/women's camp.
The Advocate already published a piece on why referring to people you don't like as transgender (or some variant of that) is wrong... which you can read here.  But I'd just like to add to that the idea that "Coultergeist" as I call her - can only be made stronger by such taunts.  She thrives on being hated - so it's just not worth it to drag (see what I did right there?) the trans community down to her level.

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