Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why Jennifer Carroll's Comments Are Offensive to EVERYONE.

UPDATE:  Jennifer Carroll has written an apology to Floridians for her remarks.  The FloridaSqueezed blog accepts Mrs. Carroll's apology and respects her ability to admit a mistake... It is this blog's policy not to remove content save for extreme error but the reader should know that Carroll has done her best to smooth things over since this post was written. - J.T. This update 07-27-12  Original post: 07-18-12

Florida's Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll recently made a comment that the Huffington Post passed off as "awkward" (video) but which were actually the height of utmost offense for someone in her position to utter.  Here's her quote:

"The problem is that when you have these types of accusations that come out, it's not just one person that you're attacking. You're attacking an entire family... My husband doesn't want to hear that... He knows what type of woman I am and my kids know what type of woman I am.
I am the one that's married for 29 years. My accuser is the one that's single for 29 years... a long time (smiles)... So... (nervous giggle and flits hair) Usually black women who look like me... We don't engage in relationships like that. (nervous giggle turns into cackling)."

In the State of Florida, gays and lesbians are not only forbidden to marry, but under 2008's Amendment 2, they are not even allowed to have a Civil Union.  Florida's Republican-led legislature is so obscenely homophobic that the subject has become a point of contention in politics around the globe.  For the most part, black leaders have stayed out of gay rights issues or they have been helpful in changing the dialogue.  Mrs. Carroll has done quite the opposite here.  This also serves to highlight the fact that Florida Republicans have a LOT of gay skeletons in their closet... so the idea that she might have had some brush with homosexuality is hardly out of the realm of possibility.

The Lt. Governor has insinuated that black women will only "engage" in lesbian relationships if they are lonely or unwanted by men.  She has gone further in touting her own beauty, implying that she's too attractive to fall victim to lesbianism.  She refers to "accusations and attacks"  but these statements (up until now) have been neither.

Lastly, her statement is grossly offensive to white people as well.  Why?  Because you can't claim that BLACK women are able to control their sexual orientation and make moral choices without implying that WHITE women are unable to do so.

Jennifer Carroll's ideology about race and sexual orientation would leave us open to make these kinds of judgments about her based only on her appearance... would she think this was fair?
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  1. Does she realize that her defense can be used by sexist and bigots as an argument as to why women should not hold public office? She's a nitwit and close to self-loathing!
    Don't eat at Chick-fil-a because they charge too much if they can give away 5milllion$$ to anti-gay groups!


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