Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Personal Thank You to The President of the United States of America

Dear President Obama,

It is with great pride and sincere gratitude that I write these words.  I began campaigning for you in the Summer of 2008 knowing that you were far and away more tolerant and equality-minded than your opponent John McCain.  Like you, I thought that America was not quite ready to embrace gay marriage and I often explained to my friends and fellow activists that your administration was one that we could count on but shouldn't "expect too much from".
Yesterday, you proved me wrong about the latter half of that statement. You've proven to the LGBT community that we can not only "hope for change" but shoot for the stars!  You could have just as easily taken the politically expedient route of holding Same-Sex Marriage back like a carrot on a string.  You could have withheld your verbal support as incentive for LGBT persons to elect you to a 2nd term and in today's political climate, it would work.  But instead, you chose to do the more politically risky thing because it is also the most honorable thing.
For this bold, meaningful support on your behalf, I say Thank You.  I don't think I'm being excessive in saying that you have done more to advance my civil equality in this country than any other President I've had the experience of living under. 
In closing, I pledge my support not only for your re-election to a 2nd term, but also to elect a Democratic Congress that will help you to achieve your vision of America... a vision I know we share.

- Sincerely,
Jarrett Terrill
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


  1. Bravo! Great letter to the President!! I feel the same way. We are all people, human beings, fellow Americans. People should be able to Love and Marry whoever they want to.

    I wrote a letter to the President today too. I am the personal pro bono private investigator for Wrongfully Convicted for William Thomas Zeigler aka Tommy Zeigler. His is wrongfully convicted and now another one of the gang of hired killer robbers who attacked him has been uncovered and he is a huge felon and was Charlie Mays' friend!! Please see the newly uncovered exculpatory evidence. The case has finally been solved. The newly uncovered exculpatory evidence with the results of my investigation was filed in Orlando, Fl Court on April 11, 2012 filled with the newly uncovered Giglio and Brady Violations naming the uncovered lies by the State Investigator regarding a Star Material Witness Robert Foster, who robbed the Gulf Station located 70 yards from the Zeigler Furniture Store within the hour of the murders. Foster was Charlie May's friend! He was first acknowledged by the State as a star material witness against Tommy AND his name was listed as such in the newspapers for 3 weeks leading up to the preliminary hearing. Then he was turned into a " TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR" SAID LEAD ORANGE COUNTY DETECTIVE DON R. FRY AT TRIAL. Well the white out has been removed from the " Typo" that stole my clients LIFE. I have tracked down career felon Robert Foster who had escaped from prision 3 times before December 1975. He said when he was released from prison for armed robbery in mid 1975 in North Carolina authorities were waiting for him to take him to Orange County, Fl. I have sent the truth of all of this and copies of all of the court filings to Governor Scott, Pam Bondi, President Obama and many other top officials. I met President Obama when he can to St. Petersburg, Fl. He cares deeply about justice. I know he cares about Civil Rights of fellow human beings and he has the power to take action and free Tommy Zeigler today. Tommy will be 67 very soon. He was 29 when he was a victims and had has life stolen by corruption and lies. There is a special place for people who do such things to their fellow man...hint it's not called Heaven

    1. Thanks Justice Now for also writing about Tommy Zeigler. I too am inclined to think he's innocent. I think certain Florida Judges have a lot of face to save in that matter.


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