Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nazi-owned Newspaper in UK Calls Anthony Weiner a Secret “Cross-Dresser”

Daily Mail Uses Old College Prank Photos To Evidence Lies and Distortions

Just when you thought “weinergate” had finally been laid to rest by the Congressman’s resignation – you would be wrong. The Daily Mail ran a big outlandish spread of text with two photos allegedly from Anthony Weiner’s college days where a young man is parading around in women’s underwear and charges that his poor unsuspecting wife must now contend with the humiliation of accepting that he is a closeted "cross-dresser", implying that he sends out kinky fetish pictures to other women.

Only when carefully gleening the article can a person discern that the photos have nothing to do with the recent non-scandal that was cooked up by Andrew Breitbart and Ann Coulter.

So who is the Daily Mail and why would they care to attack a Jewish Congressman in another country across the pond? Well, that’s the really awful part.

The Daily Mail has a long history of attacking Jews and gays and liberals. This is because they are (and always have been) owned by real Nazis. Harold Harmsworth, (known to the Brits as Lord Rothermere) was their creator and publisher prior to WW2. He wrote such columns as “Hoorah For The Blackshirts” and was a close friend of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The Daily Mail is still owned by his descendants.

Fox News and the National Enquirer frequently look to the Daily Mail for marketing gimmicks to copy and for outlandish quotes that they can attribute to an outside news source. Sadly and shamefully for the UK, the Daily Mail is the 2nd best selling newspaper in their little "empire".

But don't think the USA is totally off the hook on this... Ann Coulter, one of the architects of "Weinergate" is rather antisemitic herself, having made statements on Meet The Press that she wished for a purely Christian, White, Republican America and that Jews "still need to be perfected".

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  1. everything that you say about the Daily Mail is true Jarrett - a hate-filled, homophobic, anti-semitic & xenophobic daily publication (bar Sundays thank goodness) that offends millions of people with good taste & decency here in the UK!!!!


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